Coastal R.O.W. has established a detailed safety program that meets the requirements of OSHA and all pipeline operators.  We provide our clients with safe, competent personnel whose training is current in all US DOT Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Operator Qualification requirements. 

Coastal R.O.W. is a member of the Pipeline Testing Consortium for pre-employment and random substance abuse and alcohol testing.

Job Site Safety Meetings

These are held everyday before work begins, in a group setting, where all potential hazards are identified and discussed and the appropriate JSA (Job Safety Analysis) being completed.  If the job task on a particular day changes or new potential hazards or identified, an additional JSA meeting will be completed before work continues.  

Safety Observation Sheets

We utilize Safety Observation Sheets to allow our employees to identify potential unsafe behaviors and near misses.  These are used to assists us to "focus" on training needed in certain areas and allows employees to be proactive in our Safety Program.

Operator Qualification

Operator Qualification training and testing allows us to provide the most qualified employee for each specific task required on a project.  This information is held at our corporate office as well as reported to each client and is available on ISNetworld.

Additional Qualifications

Our employees are annually trained in Association of Reciprocal Council (ASRC) Basic Plus.  Additional training and client required site specifics are also provided by ASRC Safety Councils

Quality Assurance

Coastal R.O.W employs a full time Construction Manager and CWI that have many years of experience detailing MTR's, NDE, Hydrostatic Testing credentials, and other tasks that assist to ensure that the quality of the final product is the very best that can be provided.  

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